Intex Guitar Cable

Intex Hexagonal Shell

We guitarists drop lots of cash on guitars, pickups, pedals, amps, speakers, tubes, etc in hopes that we will end up with the magical tone existing in our heads. One piece of the quest that I believe gets overlooked is your cables. Let’s face it…buying a new cable is kind of boring. It’s not flashy, most people do not even notice it and they are just not a fun part of a rig imo. But…they are super important. If you are using lower quality cables say goodbye to your clarity and definition and say hello to a dull, lifeless tone that will deny your rig of sounding its best…regardless of how much money you spent on the rest of it. Lower quality cables are also prone to break…often at the worst times like one measure into a heated guitar solo. It is worth the time, effort and money to invest in really good cables to avoid the aforementioned maladies.

I have experimented with some different cables and the Intex brand was brought to my attention by Robbie Calvo. I quickly contacted Jean-Marc and asked for some information and a demo cable to try out. A week or so later a box with the Intex return address showed up at my door. I eagerly brought the box inside, reached for my razor knife, opened it up and….boring….just a cable..LOL..!! Still it’s an essential part of your rig. After pulling it out of the box and packing material I noticed a few things that were very different. First, the Intex cable felt heavier than some others I have been using. Second, there was a substantial Velcro tie already in place. Third, the super industrial type jacks (with spring strain relief) were the sturdiest I’ve ever seen and they had my name on them! I actually felt myself starting to get excited about….a cable!

Intex Cable

On the Bench: As I mentioned before the cable had a heavy duty substantial feel including the plugs. The solder joints inside looked nice and clean…able to withstand a lot of use. This cable should last a really long time and be trouble free as well. The personalized ends could be a theft deterrent as well. So far this looks like a winner to me.

In the Shop: I used the Intex cable with one of my Tele guitars straight into my 5F6-A 4×10 Bassman clone for a direct signal path. The sound and dynamic response was great!! All the high end was present and the overall sound was as clear as could be. Along with the clarity there was a warmth that was a bit more pronounced in a good way and I believe there was more harmonic content especially on the high end….a bit difficult to put into words.

On the Gig: I took my personalized Intex cable out to a gig and immediately noticed that it was very cooperative…..meaning that it did not wrap around your leg or seem to easily get caught under your feet. It just flowed from the guitar to the floor evenly and out of the way. I hate when some cables are a little stiff and kind of curl around your leg or hang over your pedals. I experienced none of that with the Intex. I did however step on the cable with my Rocketbuster boots a few times throughout the night but the cable didn’t even wince. This is heavy duty stuff.

Overall sound was like in the shop setting; clear, warm and defined with a little added harmonic content probably because of the clarity. Do not confuse the clarity with being thin or bright….that’s not the case at all. Just think of it as taking a light mask off your tone and allowing for better dynamics.

That's ME!!!

Final Analysis: If you want a high quality, super heavy duty cable that could possibly outlast you then look no further than Intex. Jean-marc just may have put together the best cable available and with the personalization you can actually get a little excited. 😉

My experience with the Intex cable was a very positive one and I highly recommend them….especially working musicians. All your gear can take a beating from constant use and that includes your cables. Why not invest in a cable that is as tough as the rest of your rig and will actually help with your overall tone and dynamics?

Durability, personalization and superior sound quality…..what more could you want in a cable??

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