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Latest Shop Update

ASI Case #1007 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue

ASI (Amp Scene Investigation) Case #1007 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. These are pretty cool amps but could be better. I see them as a great platform to hand-wire. This particular amp was 100% bone stock with the green pcb’s and all. I gutted all the modern components and replaced them with good ol’ fashioned fiberboards, […]

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Spitfire Pickguards!!

  If you are looking for the best tortoise shell pickguard for your favorite guitar then look no further than Spitfire Tortoiseshell Pickguards! I have used a few different model Spitfire tortoiseshell pickguards for some guitar projects in my shop and the quality, fit and visual appearance are excellent. These guards look exactly like ones […]

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Nickel-Silver vs Stainless Steel Frets

  I’ve been noticing a lot more requests lately to re-fret guitars with Stainless Steel fret wire. I also get asked a ton of questions about the differences between Nickel-Silver and Stainless Steel frets. Here is a succinct post about my observations of these two fret wire materials. But first a little fret history. Up […]

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Standel Gets A New Bridge

A really nice old Standel acoustic guitar came into my shop because it was not playing very well. Upon closer inspection I found that almost every brace was loose, the frets were very worn and it obviously needed a new bridge because it was cracked right down the middle, plus it was also loose. It […]

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