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Pennalizer 5G9 - $1399

2019 Penn Instrument Company Pennalizer amp based on the 5G9 circuit. This amp is basically the 5G9 circuit (1950’s Fender Tremolux) without the tremolo effect and packaged in the 5E3 Deluxe size chassis and cabinet. The sound is louder, clearer with more headroom than the 5E3 Deluxe. All hand wired tube circuitry featuring Classic Tone […]

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Eastman AR605CE-CS - $999

2017 Eastman AR605CE-CS guitar. Very good cosmetic condition with minimal play wear. There is one noticable scratch near the pickguard. It plays great and the Vintage Vibe CC pickup sounds awesome! Very woody sound both acoustically and plugged in. It is set up with flatwound strings. All works 100%. Original case & COA included and […]

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