This article is about my experience building my hand strength after I cured the tendonitis condition I had. The program has a few parts to it and I will outline them here. There is another article that goes with this one entitled “Tendonitis And Guitar Players” in which I outlined how I cured my tendonitis condition. I suggest you read that one first if you are experiencing any pain or limitations with your hands from playing guitar.

After I cured my tendonitis and got my left hand back to normal I noticed that my left hand would get tired from playing a lot. The inflamed condition and pain never returned because I continued taking Vitalzym and wearing the wrist braceat night. Now I wanted to build my hand strength so I could play longer and more often without fatigue.

Update: As of 9-22-11 I have switched to a much more effective enzyme product called Exclzyme. There is no activation dosage to find and for maintenance 3 tabs per day between meals is the recommended dose. If I experience any symptoms I take 3 tabs 3 times per day.

I have always been interested in health and fitness and have worked out in one way or another most of my life. I was looking for a way to stay in shape at home and build up some hand strength at the same time. After searching the internet I came across what I thought was a great way to train using kettlebells. A kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight looking somewhat like a cannonball with a handle. Kettlebell training is similar to weight training that incorporates the whole body during every training session. There are many sites on the internet with information on kettlebells and kettlebell training. I came across Mike Mahler’s site where he has a lot of information and you can also purchase kettlebells, DVD’s, E-books, equipment and supplements. It is easy to get started with an E-book or DVD. Mike Mahler is a premier strength trainer and you can get personalized online programs from him. He is the real deal and trains everyone from guitar players to UFC Champions. His knowledge is extensive and he is basically a one stop shop on the internet. I enlisted for a personalized program to stay in shape and a huge byproduct of the training was incredible hand strength and stamina. My hands now never hurt or get tired from playing guitar for many hours at a time, every day of the week. Also my back does not have an ache from standing for long stretches with a guitar over my shoulder because of the training.

Kettlebell training is interesting and challenging. It is never mundane or boring like going to a gym with a lot of useless machines and equipment that you sort of repeat week after week. I can train at home at any time that fits into my schedule and I do not need a lot of room to do so. My workouts average 30 minutes long, 3 days per week. This training was a key ingredient to get my hands in shape and keep them there. If kettlebells are good enough for the Russian Special Forces then they are good enough for guitar players! Check out Mike Mahler’s website for further information on Kettlebell training. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor personal trainer and do not take any responsibility for your health form the information in this article. I am just reporting what worked for me building hand strength.

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David Nicholas - The 20watt amp is sounding fantastic! Delivered the goods at the gig and I'm finding cool tones all over the place with it. Love the cab w Emenince Tonkerlites too- perfect for my sounds! Makes the 12 string sound like a grand piano!
Peter Lacis - I had an audition for something recently that was all about Led Zeppelin I -- my custom Pennalizer BLEW THE MINDS of the guys I was playing with. They couldn't believe the sounds coming out of that amp. That album was never in my mind when I came up with the that's yet another testament to the amazing work that you do.
Scott Goldberg - I am very satisfied with the set-up, and the fast turn around.  With the "lower" action it feels easier to play.  I will definitely spread the word.