Speaker Cones – Repairing Small Rips and Tears

This tip is about how to repair small tears in speaker cones. You may have a really great sounding speaker with it’s original cone that has a small tear somewhere in the cone. A small tear is around one inch in overall length. Instead of getting the speaker reconed or trying to find a replacement there is an easy fix that will repair the damage and prevent it from getting worse. The first thing to do is if the paper of the cone is wrinkled in any way try to straighten or flatten it out with your fingers as best as you can. Next you will need some white glue such as Elmer’s (the same stuff we all used in grade school) an automatic coffee maker filter and a small artist’s paint brush. Take some glue and put it in a small bowl and add some water to it at about an 8:1 ratio (8 parts glue-one part water). You only need a little glue to repair the tear. Cut the coffee filter to extend about 1/4″ in each direction from the tear. Using the artist’s paint brush apply some glue to one side of the coffee filter and to the back of the cone. The coffee filter “patch” will be applied to the back of the cone. Take the coffee filter patch and apply it to the tear in the cone and work it into any rib or impression of the cone. If there is any excess glue that is running or oozing be sure to clean it up with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel. You can work on the front of the cone with your finger as well. Let the patch dry for 24 hours. After it is dry reinstall the speaker and you are ready to go. This repair will work for paper cone speakers that have small puncture holes, tears or any other small damage. If the damage is bigger then it is time for a recone but this works well on the small stuff and will keep your speaker rockin’!

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