BYOC Flanger and British Blues Overdrive Kits Now Available!


BYOC Flanger
Features include Rate, Depth, Regeneration, and Manual knobs. Stereo output & True Mechanical Bypass. It also has a Normal/Differential toggle switch. This switch uses just one BBD chip in Normal mode for your more standard flanger sound like the MXR and BF-2. In Differential mode, it adds a second BBD chip in parallel and out of phase similar to the way the A/DA flanger and Electric Mistress worked. And the instructions will explain how to modify and tweek the circuit to get your ideal flanging tone.

British Blues Overdrive
Many have been asking for a “simple” 3 knob overdrive since the release of the OD2. Well, here it is. A very simple circuit based on the Marshall Blues Breaker. This thing sounds fantastic and is a great alternative to the typical Tubescreamer based overdrives. And the build is about as easy as it gets.

 Click here for more info and ordering. Credit: BYOC.

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