THD Modular Combo Cabinets Arrive

thd_112combo_productshot.jpgTHD, who manufacture the Uni-Valve and Bi-Valve amps have started production on their modular cabinets for these amps. The new 1-12″ cabinet is a tuned-port, bass-reflex design like their 2-12″ model. It has many features that greatly reduce standing waves in side the cabinet delivering a deep, even, tight and punchy sound. The design of the 1-12″ combo cabinet makes it sound as full and tight as their 2-12″ model using a single THD Vintage 12″ speaker.The entire line of THD amplifier heads will be available as 1-12″ combos and will also offer the combo cabinet alone to put an existing UniValve, BiValve-30 or Flexi-50 into. Early in 2008, THD will begin releasing 2-12″, 2-10″ and 4-10″ versions as well, all designed on the same principles. Photo credit: THD Electronics.

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