Weber VST Announces New Speakers – Utah!

Weber VST of Kokomo, Indiana has acquired the registered trademark for Utah brand speakers. Utah speakers were manufactured in Indiana during the 1960’s and 1970’s by the Pyle family. In the mid 1970’s the company name changed to Pyle and production focused on car audio speakers. Pyle distributed speakers to Radio Shack, Lafayette Radio, jukebox companies, organ manufacturers and intercom installation companies. The marketing name was “Pyle Driver”. One of the 10″ Radio Shack models is a favorite of Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers, the MH1020.Utah used big magnets with tight gaps which made the speakers very sensitive, dynamic and have a broad frequency response. They also had great breakup character which worked out very well for guitar players.

Now that Weber VST has the registered trademark on the Utah name they will start producing 12″ and 10″ Utah speakers. Each speaker model will be available with either Alnico or ceramic magnets. Components are being produced and should be available soon.

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