Mojo Musical Supply Unveils Their New Mojo-Roccaforte Amp Kit

rotate-rocca.jpgDoug Roccaforte of Roccaforte Amps has collaborated with Mojo Musical Supply on an exclusive amp kit that is now available.

The tonal characteristics of the completed kit, is summarized with this observation: “a Marshall JCM800 type of gain amp, with two preamp controls that are footswitchable. It has a throaty midrange with vintage sounding British crunch and smooth, almost Vox-like in quality.” The amps’ circuit has more gain than the JCM800 and you can adjust the preamp trim pot for a hotter preamp bias. The amp is incredibly versatile allowing you to adjust your sound from Blues to Country to Rock with a generous range between. The new Roccaforte-Mojo Switcher Amp Kit comes with a Mojo hand-crafted finger-jointed head cabinet and the best quality components available.

The amp kit is available directly from Mojo Musical Supply. The price is $950.00 and includes all components necessary to build the complete amp.�

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